Rendersphere provides a full range of professional visualization services catered to your specific presentation needs and budget requirements. We will take your unique design idea and turn it into a visual reality. The owner, Trey Tyler, spent the first part of his career practicing architecture before moving into the world of 3D visualization. He has extensive experience working with architects, developers, product designers, architectural historians, urban planners, and other creative professionals. Rendersphere’s architectural visualization projects to date have spanned many building types, including commercial, retail, multifamily, and medical. While most of our work centers around architectural visualization products, we are increasingly creating content for product designers, inventors, graphic designers, authors, web designers, and digital media specialists. Our process is the same – no matter what you are designing or wanting to present.

Our typical visualization products and services include: 2D Site Plan Illustrations, 2D Color Elevations, 3D Exterior Renderiings, 3D Interior Renderings,  Cross-Sectional Renderings, 3D Product Renderings, Graphic Layouts, Composite Renderings (3D rendering merged with a photograph), Prototype visualization,  Book Illustrations, Graphic Maps, Signage Visualization, Fly-over Animations, Pedestrian Animated Walk-throughs, and Full Virtual Tours. We can convert your vision into a visual representation you can share with your stakeholders.

Because the studio is led by Trey, a trained and experienced architect, Rendersphere has a significant advantage over other studios led by only those trained to use the software. We understand not just how to develop the renderings, animations, and other visualization products, but also how they will be used for fund-raising, pre-sales, pre-leasing, securing investors, governmental approval, grant applications, and sharing the overall vision of the project with the general public.

RenderSphere offers top-quality in both service levels and artistic talent. We would welcome an opportunity to talk about your needs, and how we can help.