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Prior to founding RenderSphere in 2011, Trey Tyler had already spent almost a decade pioneering the field of architectural visualization. He founded Proviz in 2005 following a 10 year career in architecture. After building a small client base, locally and abroad, the firm was acquired by Commonwealth Architects, one the area’s leading historic rehabilitation and adaptive re-use design firms. Proviz, with Trey as its Director, operated as a sister-company, providing added value to the firm's architectural services.

By 2010, Proviz had grown to include an expert staff of digital artists servicing the in-house needs of Commonwealth Architects, as well as select work for other clients, including developers, owners and design firms. Trey left the Proviz team that year to pursue his interest in the specialized area of historic visualization. Finding inspiration working directly with some of the nation's leading architectural historians to document and illustrate some of the most significant historic sites, he founded RenderSphere in 2011. His vision was to create an independent visualization studio, with the creative freedom to pursue the most innovative design projects across the country, while still working with preservation experts to examine the design and construction techniques of the past.

In the summer of 2015, Trey was given the chance to acquire Proviz as part of an overall period of restructuring for the architectural firm. This opportunity came at a time when RenderSphere was poised to take on larger projects, and Trey was actively seeking talented artists to help meet the workload. After a brief negotiation, Trey once again owned Proviz and it’s body of work dating back over a decade, and is primed to service a larger client base. Geoff Sills, the former director of Proviz, joined RenderSphere as digital artist, bringing mix of artistic talent and industry knowledge that fits seamlessly in with the RenderSphere team.

Mixing the ideas of old and new, real and imagined, RenderSphere’s work sets a high standard, delivering a new level of visual storytelling through compelling, evocoative images, animations and presentation graphics. Currently, the firm is under contract on a range of long and short-term projects, including a comprehensive virtual reconstruction project of Mulberry Row at Monticello on behalf of The Thomas Jefferson Foundation. Their work also includes planning and conceptual design visualizations for new construction and significant renovation projects across the region.